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With the BabyClick, the videos of the obstetrical ultrasound scans are captured in the examination room on a computer of the clinic.

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After the end of the exam, the clinic sends the video to the BabyClick website where, with Internet conection, it can be accessed at anytime from anywhere.

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The access to the video is done by an individual access code and password, giving to the pregnant control over her privacy because she can also share her videos by e-mail or by social networks.



The BabyClick recording of you baby can be made in many cities, at the main ultrasonography clinics. You may check and choose the clinic of your preference by clicking here.
The clinic which has partnership with BabyClinic receives a system to control and emit reports of all the videos sent in the period. The reports show the recording date, name of the patient and her code at BabyClick. At the beginning of each month, a report holding the data about the recordings of the previous month is also sent to the clinic.
Signing a contract with BabyClick, the tool is installed at the clinic and you pay for video posted. For further details and options: Contact us and a team will show in details the operation and the cost of the service. We may say in advance that you are going to get positively surprised by the cost and conditions of presented implementation, as well as the possibilities and advantages to be offered to your clients. Contact us.  Click here.


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